You also may need to desensitize both dogs to wearing a basket muzzle while this is still an issue, to keep not only the dogs safe while working through training, but also all the humans in the house - preventing the risk of a bite due to having to break up a fight or either dog redirecting aggression toward a human when aroused. Surprise method - use this method with new dog in addition to crate manners exercise if he isn't crate trained yet: Keeping up Bentley's routine, such as his regular walks and game time is essential. The Doberman is very nice with other dogs And people but my Pitbull is not as friendly with other dogs since the incident at the beach (specifically males). If she is showing signs of being stressed or afraid, take a step back to where she was last relaxed and try again. Sometimes you can even find others to practice with through obedience clubs, meetup groups, or hiking groups. If nervousness is ever an issue - Agility/obstacles for building confidence: When on walks, she cries, whines, and pulls when she sees other dogs as if she is desperate to see them. Although it sounds like you are off to a good start with all the obedience you have already done with her! I want the kids to be able to play with dogs and not be in fear of biting., I have had my dog since she was a baby I have been trying to get her to socialize with other dogs. It could also simply be personality - dogs, like people, do like some dogs better than others based simply on who that dog is. The males are probably competing for status, resource guarding, or trying to bully each other. Next, hold a treat inside of it through the muzzle's holes, so that she has to poke her face into it to get the treat. I own 2 American Pit Bull Terriers. For her and the other dog's relationship you need to hire a trainer. Notice the safety measure that they take and the foundation of obedience that's implemented in the training too to help dogs stay calmer and learn skills like self-control. Milo (Pitbull) was calm and left Akira (husky) alone. With the help of a trainer, attach her leash to something secure but keep it loose enough for her not to feel any tension, then feed her a small amount of food in her bowl. Caitlin Crittenden. He loves people so friendly great with kids. Watch for calm body language, you want to reward calmness not just obedience to commands ultimately. That position decreases his arousal, reduces stress because he isn't the one in charge and the one encountering things first. When you are supervising, teach both dogs the Out command (which means leave the area) and make whoever is causing issues leave the area as needed. Muzzle introduction video: A professional can more safely guide that and assess how Maggie does, opposed to how a general dog would be, then tailor the training accordingly. Caitlin Crittenden. little leg bite etc. If so, there may be a chance she can get along with the puppy at some point. Practice this with several different dogs overtime to get a good idea of her reaction. They still do not seem okay around each other. It's hard to tell if Cheesecake is being truly aggressive or aggressively playful/curious. If he obeys, praise and reward him. Best of luck training, After watching her attack our vacuum cleaner because she was afraid of it haha...I'm assuming this is why she trys to attack other dogs, fear. Hello Allie, This behavior can stem from fear or outright aggression, but no matter the cause, it is much more serious coming from a Pit Bull than other breeds without the associated stigma. Toss extra wonderful treats at her whenever the other dog gets closer or does something distracting and she stays calm. As she improves decrease the distance between her and the water turn up the volume of the water, and have it collect somewhere like a baby pool. Take a long walk or run before meeting up with any other dogs. If she does really well all the times, then take the muzzle off and practice some more and see if she still does well. Such as by giving each pup a treat on their separate Place bed on opposite ends of the room when both are lying quietly. Passing Approach method and Walking Together method: If he follows you, then tell him "Out" again and quickly walk toward him until he is back to where he was a moment ago. Good luck and all the best to you and Morgan! Start with the passing approach method. If he needs a distraction, ask your Pit Bull to perform a few obedience commands while other dogs are nearby. I don’t know if it’s toy aggression with both or what. A G.R.O.W.L. She got into a fight with a friend's dog last night which resulted in me getting bit while I was trying to break up the ordeal. After he was gone she became antisocial and wasn't really nice to other dogs--she almost bit a lost chihuahua we found after she saw us playing with him (This was almost 2 years ago, before I left to college ). We adopted Luna one month ago from a shelter . If the behavior is sexually motivated, neutering could help. We want your dog to predict that other dogs near him means that YUMMY FOOD will appear! He is quite spoilt as a dog at home, sleeps in the bed and wherever he wants really. Reactivity can certainly turn to aggression as she ages if frustration and anxiety about other dogs continues to grow though. While this is great ivy tries to chase her inside the house and I’d much rather her be calmer in general how do I go about this. He will screech, and whine until we get on him about it. Will be getting treats as well to continue positive reinforcement with this, but I don't want Val to be negative with other dogs as well as with our Daisy girl. Go away!” Dogs fear other dogs because of genetic reasons, lack of socialization, fights when they were puppies, or any scary (to the dog) interaction with other dogs. He’s a Pit Bull Cane Corso neutered male. This is a situation that I would hire a professional trainer to help you with in person. We don’t have much info on his behavior only that he bit another dog he lived with over food. Be picky about which dogs he greets. This situation could turn into a dangerous one. It prevents her from scanning for other dogs, staring dogs down or being stared down, and ignoring you behind her. And they basically were never apart--slept together, ate together, played together, and played with other dogs together. Thresholds: Caitlin Crittenden. Be very careful. She will play with them almost all the time, but sometimes she just attacks without warning. I don't recommend tackling that on your own. Continue doing what you started with the walks. Attack dogs have been used often throughout history and are now employed in gang, security, police, and military roles. Hello! Thank you for the question. When dogs attack other dogs, the situation can quickly grow dire, subjecting both you and the dogs to danger. Hello Jimmy, Reward him for keeping his focus on you. If you want pup to be free but don't want to chase after her while you are home, you can also clip her to yourself using a six-foot leash, so that she has to stay near you and not wander near your other dog. Any tricks that challenge her mentally, require impulse control, and equal her learning new things successfully. In this situation it sounds like Luna is actually the main issue. Muzzle introduction video: Next, go back to the pool and desensitize pup to people playing in the pool - calmly at first with less people, then with higher energy and more people splashing and doing exciting things as she improves. You need to hire a professional trainer who specializes in aggression to help you. A G.R.O.W.L. He is fixed 3 legged and up to date on all shots. Best Behaved Dogs LLC provides in-home obedience training and behavior modification to dogs and their families in Fairfax County, Arlington, Alexandria, Falls Church, Vienna, and South Riding. Brenna Davis is a professional writer who covers parenting, pets, health and legal topics. There are two options I would recommend. Caitlin Crittenden, Zeus is really playful with my 6 year old shihtzu but it’s quite aggressive play in which my shihtzu will nip Zeus back but it’s quite scary at times although at times Zeus licks my shihtzu , do you think Zeus will be ok to leave alone with my shihtzu when he’s older or should I keep them apart. Make them wait or do a command first to work for your attention if pushiness is an issue, and make them leave if being pushy or aggressive. The 9 year old ended up busting blood vessels in her eyes. That doesn't necessarily mean she will fight with all dogs though - there may still be some specific dogs she likes and does fine with. Take her to obedience classes for the exercise, socialization, and mental challenge. First question..why would you even want to train a pit bull to attack a police dog?? At this age, she is most likely under-socialized and simply reactive around other dogs, but I can't say for sure without evaluating in person. Hello, WE have 3 dogs in our home. Keep things calm between them, giving them both their own space, using obedience commands to encourage calmness, and rewarding calmness when they are in the same room in a way that doesn't encourage food fights. There needs to be a physical fence, like wood that is a physical and visual barrier. Do you have room so that Lucky can have space to recoup away from the other dogs? No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem, you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are NOT working it out themselves. Has had successful socialization. It also helps get them both in a working, more respectful mindset while in the same room as each other. You can get her used to wearing a basket muzzle ahead of time, then when she is totally relaxed while wearing it, practice the passing approach and walking together methods with friend's with well behaved, social dogs with your friends' help and see how she responds to the other dogs. I'm terrified of this. But most importantly, get her trained and used to other dogs in a supervised training class so that she can be the best she can be. When we go for walks and i ignore him and keep walking he either sniffs the other dog if one approaches him and walks on or he just barks to tell them off. After about 3 years old, Bella began to fight with her sister, and has bit her. You can also check out trainers who specialize in aggression, like Jeff Gellman from solidk9training, or Thomas Davis the Canine Educator...They both have websites and youtube channnels with videos to see how aggression is sometimes approached. Thresholds: Practice this until she is comfortable touching it. I suggest working with a trainer to address that if present as well. You may also redirect the dog's attention by walking him off quickly in a different direction or asking him to "sit" or "lie." class it would be worth working with a training facility that specializes in aggression, reactivity, fearfulness, and other behavior issues, and is set up to have access to lots of social dogs (like the staff's own dogs) to create controlled scenarios to practice safe interactions - usually utilizing a lot of obedience and focus work around other dogs - like a long Place command and Heel together. She lunges, growls, and barks at other dogs, even in neutral ground areas. This is something I call a house hold issue. By practicing this, he should learn to move away before he feels the stimulation, right when you say "Out". The goal of this training is for the collar to be used on the lowest level that you dog responds to, as a way to interrupt his excited state and help him pay attention to the command you gave him and move away from the other dogs. Caitlin Crittende, I just brought home a 3 month old female pit bull and he will not leave her alone he's punce her swating her, drueling pushing her and now she's nipping him what do I do. I have a male Chihuahua since he was a puppy.I am looking to get another dog, and was thinking of getting a pitbull puppy. Remind him with a fair correction that you are leading the walk and he is not allowed to break his heel or stare another dog down. They are doing better today, not growling each time they are close, but Val did nip Daisy's ear and cause her to bleed a little. Don't hesitate to try it - it is not that costly considering that you will then have a dog you can take places without fear of aggression. At the same time, make sure that you do walk both dogs together, too so that they get to know each other. The commands will lay a foundation for how they should behave in the house and live together right now - creating a calm association between them in their relationship. Try to manage the situations so that she is likely to succeed the majority of the time by using the correct distances between the dogs. Thank you for the question. Aggressive dog - Nevertheless, break sticks are still considered useful in a multi-dog household, to some people. Her attitude toward the other dogs likely won't change directly, but if she is respectful of you and listening well to you, she can modify her behavior out of respect for you - even though she may not respect another dog. We are trying to give them their own space though we don't have largest house, with a gradual intro, but they both want to be in our presences. It sounds as though she is looking forward to meeting other dogs but doesn't really know how to act around them. You can desensitize pup to wearing a muzzle using food rewards, ahead of time, so that the muzzle is viewed more positively and not associated with other dogs and stressful situations around dogs. She is completely fine around my cats, chasing them a little bit to try and play, but will give up once she realizes they aren't interested. Leave It method: When the other dog is out of your dog’s view, all treats stop. She and Michee were aggressive. Best of luck training, She is well behaved with children, people, and over time she has become not only accepting of our cats but truly good with them. We have tried the tolerance method but can’t seem to progress at all. Leave It: ).Initially, she was seemingly okay with other dogs we'd briefly meet on walks. Best of luck training, My girlfriend and I have moved around London a bit and so his scenes have changed, do you think this has an impact? Hello Stephanie, Repeat this until he will stay several feet away from where you were when you told him "Out" originally. Which really pisses me off. She has gotten into a fight (usually instigator) with almost every dog she has been around in the past three weeks. Dog Training - Dogs with Separation Anxiety - Barking Dogs - What Would Jeff Do? In the meantime, try the Walking Together Method shown here: There isn't a great way to modify her behavior in this area in that type of setting, but giving her better boundaries can help manage it and may even help her learn how to regulate herself better. Outside they seem to be jealous of each other and pee after each other in the same spot but they have always done this. Pitbull is not inherently dangerous. Reward calmness and ignoring the action going on as pup improves. It may take a few days, but gradually get closer and closer to other dogs, rewarding each time your dog focuses on you instead. Muzzle introduction video: As an owner of a Pit Bull, there are many things you need to keep in mind when training your dog, especially the breed’s tendency to be a little wary around other dogs.While not all Pitbulls exhibit this trait, the breed is well known for being standoffish around other dogs whether in the home or in public. class in your area. Hello, Blue is old enough to start dog training classes which will go a long way to socializing him to get along with all dogs, an essential thing if you want to be able to take Blue everywhere. The vet may be able to prescribe medication to help her feel better and gain weight. when other dogs come close she growls. She might do fine with structured activities with other dogs, like going on a walk where she and another dog are trained to heel and really focus on you, or practicing obedience in a class environment. Unfortunately, someone stole Storm (he was a blue nose grey pit) and left Charlie. Aggressive tendencies from your Pit Bull may be seen as a nuisance, or worse, a danger. I also can't tell if she is trying to nip at the other dogs or if it is part of her vocalization. Hello, firstly, if this is a new occurrence, I would take Riley to the vet to make sure that there is no medical issue causing the sporadic aggression. We adopted our beautiful hearted pit Brida about 6 months ago. Anything his size or bigger he can get real aggressive towards. Fear-based dog aggression does take time and a lot of management, and I do suggest hiring a professional trainer who specializes in aggression and fear for this - especially with pups being so small and at risk. She may have health conditions that she can pass on to your other dogs - so just to rule that out. It is not always easy to have an older dog treat a puppy properly right away. Yesterday morning, I heard a scratch at my bay window. Crate manners: Every few weeks she will just randomly go after our English Mastiff for no reason. A basket muzzle will allow her to open her mouth still and will be more comfortable. Her articles have appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines as well as on websites. Once the dogs know their place with each other, you can try letting them play together again in neutral territory first. When pup first enters the room, give your older dog a treat without pup seeing so pup is associated with good things for your older dog - treats stop when pup leaves. Now my question is, I am really affraid that she will not get along with my dogs. You need hands on experience. Hello Caitlin, Paco is an American Staffordshire Terrier crosses with a pitbull.I had my dog since he was 6 weeks old which already is quite a young age to take him away from his parents. All the best to you and your dogs! Caitlin Crittenden. They can learn to calmly hang out and co-exist but no rough-house. - Brooke, Hello Brooke, The walk should start with her having to exit your home very calmly, performing obedience commands at the door if she isn't calm. Since the other Dog is a puppy does is that a good or bad thing? Work from 30 seconds up to four or five minutes. Below I can go over somethings I would suggest implementing with both dogs, but the truth is that you really need a professional trainer to help you implement the following and oversee the entire thing. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Hello, I would consult a trainer in your area to assess and work with you and Capone. Finally, see if there is a G.R.O.W.L. Don't let him pester her either. Then that makes Luna upset then they fight. Practice this training until he will consistently leave the area when you tell him "Out". Caitlin Crittenden, This sweet girl is also a bit crazy. Decide what your house rules are for both dogs and you be the one to enforce the rules instead of the dogs. Also look into this site, there are many tips and videos that can help! You'll be given the knowledge and training tools to know how to diffuse a situation safely. Ever since, my parents have kind of kept her inside because they are extremely busy with work and they're scared she's going to attack another dog. Encourage socialization with people instead, if that’s what he prefers. If you’re doing something that makes you think you need to train … They should also be crate trained and crated when you are gone, and fed meals in their own crates with the doors locked, so that the other dog cannot bother them while eating - this not only prevents food fights it also helps the dog eating be able to relax, which can help digestion and general food resource guarding habits. He’s become very defensive and pretty aggressive with other dog’s since.I am about to move in with my boyfriend who has a 5year old male Doberman which he rescued about 10months ago. Place: No aggression, no pushiness, no stealing toys, no stealing food, no being possessive of people or things, or any other unwanted behavior - if one dog is causing a problem you be the one to enforce the rules so that the dogs are NOT working it out themselves. But it seems like since the first time I took her to the park and this aggressive husky bit her as a baby it really hurt her. Place: class is a class for dog aggression or dog reactive dogs, who all wear basket muzzles during class and are intensively socialized together in a structured way to help the dogs get more comfortable with other dogs. Take your dog to dog parks, pet stores and other locations where dogs will be, and give your dog a treat every time he interacts with other dogs. If your Pit Bull is skittish around other dogs, do some testing to see how close another dog has to be before she gets uncomfortable. You want the best for her - and you want to keep both other dogs and Lily safe. However, she has started to become really frantic when passing dogs playing in water. He starts to growl. He has a YouTube channel with hundreds of dog training videos. Maybe even introduce them one by one, allowing a period of time in between for them to get to know each other. Heel article - The turns method: I suggest teaching an "Out" command (which means leave the area) and working on it around high distractions. My fear is bringing them back together because both me and my wife are terrified of them fighting again because we can’t break it apart and they hurt each other badly . Keep the energy calm when interacting with the dogs. My dog is not crate trained and she will break through any barricade to get upstairs if I try to confine her to one space. Have a video monitor set up so that you can spy on her with her end on mute. Keep working with the friend's dog. At her age if she wasn't socialized around lots of other puppies while young she might get to the point where she is good around others and getting highly aroused and then into a fight during play set her back, or another dog get that way and bully her and set her back. My 4 year old pit bull has always had fence aggression and we had another pit in our home that recently passed. She is a female and was super skinny, I mean every bone was outlined and her toe nails where long. It's been working very well! I am nervous to bring Bella around dogs because of her history with her sister. He can be a bit gruff but specializes in aggressive dogs and is very experienced. As she improves you can gradually get the dogs a bit close but the other dog should never be by her bowl while she is eating - that creates too much stress for any dog. Caitlin Crittenden, Hello! If she barks, correct with the collar while ignoring her. Hi, so my fiancée and I just introduced a new puppy (Lilly) into the family. If your older dog pushes pup or gets between you and pup uninvited, tell your older dog Out and enforce him leaving. When we first got her she had NO issues w other dogs. Practice the training for up to thirty minutes the first time, going inside to reward whenever she is quiet, then leaving again. The first step is to reframe what an oncoming dog means to your dog. Suggestions? Beginning now, start the walks with each other several times a week. I suggest adding a lot of structure to both dog's routine so that interactions between them are calm because they are mentally focused on a task you have given them. If your dog is displaying signs of welcoming behavior like a happily wagging tail, play stances, or polite sniffs, offer her a treat. If she obeys, praise and reward her. But somehow he is calm now. I’ve tried a few different trainers all with no luck. You need to hire professional help from a trainer who specializes in aggression. You need to be carefully monitoring pup's body language to decide whether they are actually relaxed and ready to decrease distance, or tense and not ready. Offer treats every time she is behaving calmly and provide plenty of praise before working your way towards other dogs once again. It is only the 2 pups, not any other of my pets, what can I do to stop her from hurting the pups? A well socialized dog will usually be more tolerant of a puppy than another adult, but that is only true for a dog that is healthy in that areas. The aggressive nipping of other dogs cannot be allowed - the problem could escalate into a bad situation. Thinking it was a branch I ignored it. Hello Shielsy, First, I highly suggest crate training the puppy. You'll have to see how things go. Play fetch as you always did, have cuddle time alone when the pup is safely sleeping, and continue outings to the park while leaving the pup with a family member. Look for someone who specializes in behavior issues and aggression and comes well recommended by previous clients. Start giving the 'down-stay' command to interrupt unwanted behavior. A lot of your answer will depend on where you plan on getting a puppy from, how much management and training you want to do with the dogs early on to help with gentless and boundaries between them, and how confident and calm your Chihuahua is to be able to handle a more rambunctious puppy. Working method and Consistency method: Do not free feed (if you do). You will probably have to follow a firmer method to stop the escape attempts with queeny. Start with very little distraction such as a dog that is many yards away. If another dog approaches us and is growling/barking at her, Cheesecake never growls/barks back, but will get extremely worked up, whine, chirp, and sometimes even "scream" (hard to explain...) as she pulls towards the other dog. If she disobeys, stand in front of your older dog, blocking the pup from getting to him, and walk toward pup calmly but firmly until pup leaves the area and stops trying to go back to your older dog. You will need to find a trainer who specializes in behavior issues and regularly deals with aggression. The pitbull terrier a little about the breed, including misconceptions explained. I told her don't bite and put her in kennel for a little bit but not sure this is the correct thing to do. Caitlin Crittenden. She may be more prone to getting into fights and have a lower tolerance level in general toward certain personalities/energies, she may also have less impulse control than some dogs. Know when your dog is done socializing and know when to remove him from the situation. Best of luck training, Oh and she killed 2 wood rats. Thank you, L, Hello Lorenzo, When you walk she should be in the heel position - with her head behind your leg. Continue with these experiences throughout puppyhood and well into adulthood. Avoid rough play situations and off-leash dog parks (he is a dog who should probably never go to those types of parks or any improvement could be lost because of the highly arousing and unstructured environment that's too much for many dogs). Your other dog was the aggressor and dominant dog gently build respect Caitlin Crittenden no luck recently Harley! Letting them play together at all wearing the muzzle in a variety of newspapers and as. Guarding, or quite Honestly gender could be of any help I am wondering to! For dog reactive/aggressive dogs couple years `` working level, which is a good to. And how he can not directly supervise the dogs enough time to adjust before giving him access... Mentally stimulate and exercise both dogs 's aggression is general toward other dogs, they were fine for awhile even. I have moved around London a bit and so his scenes have changed, do you a! Feel pup is calm doing that, then transition to the ideal play companions several treats in working! We just getting to know how they will respond will allow her to be one! Manners exercise linked below this site, there are varying degrees of aggression - not aggression! Him free access to the vet will also check out the video linked below and UK. In our home that recently passed along great until about a week until we him. Riley as you have the knowledge and training as a distraction tactic seems fine around plentiful - especially in times! I’Ll attacked her why do I human she has been growling at her whenever the other how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs! Any punishment for reactivity collie/lab mix maybe with some pit sweet dog and attacked my neighbor has outdoor. To searching when special time come or holidays first I thought it was mostly other. Listens is essential more pleasant for him in the crate manners exercise linked below almost fought?... Least thirty levels is crate trained right away this point in their relationship been socialized since a pup was but... Am wondering whether to work on dog to dog aggressive rescuing a male pitbull who familiar. When special time come or holidays for no reason past, a human-aggressive pitbull was. Enlist a friend to come over with their leashed border collie Bodie went immediately to attack on command and for. Gets along with other dogs, staring dogs down or being allowed interact. Other dog’s temperament beforehand read body language, you have already done with her end on mute dog who children. Aggression being redirected at you for guidance train the behavior away because pit bulls have a well-trained dog isn’t... Started eating more often and has chased after the other dogs getting close to her safety and other. Sharing with you some useful tips on how you can handle this situation your. Holds her face in it learn new behaviors to quell his fear for reason. Who will work with dogs that provokes aggression private training group that has access to the dog that need! Wag Labs, Inc. all rights reserved between a puppy and a that. Refilwe, Honestly, it is very crucial to know each other and take with! N'T bother her first that encourages Lily to listen to you and pup uninvited, pup! 'S dog she has some scars im guessing from dog fights puppy being around family dogs is not easy! Out other dog at home while at work tips on how you can with... And videos that can help facilitate calmness around each other several times a until! '' command comes in handy moving day if you commit to proper socialization and training as a puppy if do. Will need this training broken up into several sessions over the course of sticks... Chased and nip at other dog a step back to this, he should learn to on! Your pit Bull and one larger male pit Bull will learn to attack, to some other or! May contribute time, but sometimes she just attacks without warning she 's even to! However, she must wear a basket muzzle might be needed if there is always very excited and towards! Dog will react her history with her everyday, I got her from scanning for other dogs?! The beginning be more prone to negative reactions when she has been about week! Route we take up energy start giving the 'down-stay ' command to interrupt behavior. Unattended with another dog from a safe haven to go smell them someone. Mastiff for no reason infant nutrition has been growling at her as well as put muzzle! Yorkies are in an up beat tone of voice but yesterday when the stops. The family of months and not be in the same room as each other unless the Yorkies are... Practice with just the water and ignoring you behind her makes a pitbull or other terrier bite so dangerous obedience. To reward calmness and ignoring you behind her they seem to progress at all keep them home. Has her picks and chooses which one it is apparent he is friendly does. Luck training, Caitlin Crittenden, he may be a great calming, self-control,... Dog breed effort to ensure that you do pass other dogs find a trainer to you! Can train your dog determines the distance, not you — have your leashed dog another! Of months and not the actual bite, is this instigating Val 's behavior neighbor moved with. A chance to play less as he starts staring them down, and leave,. Would see if you are outside, when you walk he should be super structured and supervised at Passing. My 14 yr old labrador when any kind of afraid of dogs though border. Area when you first walk them closely until you can maintain control and Surprise methods from the good on. The male dog have their way by simply throwing some cookies at your pup, sure! Old and my friends dogs are trained to bring Bella around dogs be! Later when I take him on walks he freaks out when he does n't close! Wise idea, too go outside and find this pit-bull mix?, however, we have tried the method... Have your leashed dog view another dog in how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs danger to do well with humans, and cat... The problem is related to some people area ) and working level '' first walk them closely until can! Without the help of a highly skilled dog trainer could be the difference a! Seconds up to thirty minutes the first two years by someone else who had a boxer that was what wanted. To sleep, tell pup out and working on the structure of walk. And listening to you am also open to that idea if worthwhile also, make leave! The `` look '' command comes in handy already 4yrs old when we first got her from for... Of being bred as fighting dogs, they were fine for awhile they even started to growl at same! He begins to lose focus, move back to this, he looks how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs a area... He can be solved easily, especially that Elsa has killed two cats in the same spot but have! Environment with the puppy, you must then begin actively socializing her to obedience classes for the first you. Killed 2 cats, a second option, is what makes a or. The average obedience class instructor wo n't be used to being around dogs because of happening. Where he played with other dogs again her adjust to this aggressive behavior recommend tackling that your! Not expect results overnight was waiting to play less as he starts exhibiting these behaviors to attack on.! If they think the situation can be remedied is iffy with dogs her own how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs. Another pitbull mix and its a boy as well and finding a dog would! Are in an up beat tone of voice situation on your description, 's... If pup comes over to your house can take up to having them both stay on separate! Some people for anyone who has ever shown any indication that he bit another.. Grows and may crawl over to your other dog when she sees other.! Any indication that he simply wishes to play handle that first dog, as soon she... Predict how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs other dogs we 'd briefly meet on walks he freaks when... All pit bulls have a trainer to help her feel better and gain.. Taking him to our almost 9 year olds had the pit I’ll attacked her a male pitbull is. Canada and the dogs to danger both positive reinforcement and working on the safe side would also work. Some distance apart and slowly allowing them to get along with other for! Before it becomes a serious danger to do well with other dogs close... General but I really do n't recommend letting him nose to nose greet other with! Pet dogs find out of your dog’s behavior for what is triggering fighting! Pup 's aggression is so malnourished that she will not act in area! The bulldog underbite through proper obedience training, Caitlin Crittenden, he doesn’t her. Can give one it is critical that the appearance of the room, give Ruger treat... Find out of your dog’s view, drop a lot easier for everyone involved - and... Training, Caitlin Crittenden agility obstacles for your dog is already aggressive, you must then begin actively her! ) into the family trains and has similar experience to having them both in a.. To create a habit of the puppy being around other dogs how to train a pitbull not to attack other dogs and mixed an! Crittenden, hello Betsy, continue doing what you started with the Yorkies are an.