Welcome to ACT Global

The Technology Accelerator (ACT Global) main purpose is to facilitate financial, technical, material and strategic assistance to entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovating business owners from any origin in the development and commercialization of their initiatives in order to generate wealth and specialized employment.

ACT Global is located at the Universidad Ana G. Méndez, Recinto de Gurabo, Puerto Rico and has not only this institution’s collaboration, but also from other universities and private institutions as well. ACT Global counts with the sponsorship of the Economic Development Administration, the Department of Energy of the United States and the Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust. The entrepreneurial and scientific surrounding in which ACT Global is located provide the ideal conditions to accomplish its mission.

Our Role

In order to be competitive in a globalized world with accelerated technological changes, it’s essential to rely on mechanisms able to minimize the time between the conception of the innovative idea and the launching of the services and products derived from them. However, entrepreneurs not always have all the necessary components for the concretion of their idea, thus not achieving the project or maximizing the desired socio-economic impact of it.

ACT Global and its Startup Puerto Rico program provide support to entrepreneurs and investigators who, although are creators of innovative ideas, don’t have all the necessary resources or the adequate environment for the commercialization or shift to a subsequent phase of their project.

Startup Puerto Rico is a program that calls those entrepreneurs from other countries interested in developing their innovative initiatives in Puerto Rico. This program aims to attract the best talent from all over to promote the development of solutions to the challenges of today from a global perspective.